Our Company

ZappyAI is a Cognitive Robotic Process Automation Software which is 30X faster, easier and cost effective.

It follows a revolutionary approach to Process Automation. It uses AI to learn employee behaviour and it automatically generates automation for repetitive work.

Zappy will be at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution transforming the current business landscape.


Our Mission

"Our goal is to have Zappy installed on every office computer allowing employees to automate their mundane tasks creating a enjoyable, faster and more effective way of working"


- Ambuj Agrawal, CEO

Awards and Recognition

Awarded $15K grant from NetApp Innovation
Winner of €150K grant from Luxembourg
Awarded $40K grant from Corfo, Chile

Meet the CEO

Our founder and CEO Ambuj is the leading expert in Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation. He is also one of the youngest recipients of the "Exceptional Talent Visa in Digital Technology" by the UK Government for expertise in Compiler Design and Machine Learning.

He is the recipient of technology and innovation awards from numerous international organizations such as COPD Foundation, Ministry of Justice UK, CitiBank and Imperial College London. He is the recipient of Dean's International Scholarship, Bristol Outstanding Award and Barry Thomas scholarship for Computer Science. He is also the first prize winner at the London breathe respiratory hackathon for building COPD simulator software, winner of PayTastic Hackathon for building a payment solution using sound, Startupbootcamp InsurTech Hackathon for building an Intelligent Secure Fraud Detection.

He further represented as one of the youngest Speakers at the Fin.Techsummit Europe, Future of Work Summit London, Automation Summit Paris and Money2020 Europe conference on the topic “Automation and Future of Work”.

Meet Executive Team