Who We Are

ZappyAI is established to enable Zappy users to spend more time doing what they love to do and less time doing what they have to do.


With ZappyAI, organizations can achieve increased revenues and reduced costs by freeing up employees for strategic initiatives.

ZappyAI has developed two product lines – Zappy and Zappy Analytics.

Zappy is a Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (C-RPA) software which automates repetitive tasks by observing users actions on the desktop and delivers increased productivity by more than 70% on manual processes in your organization. It continuously learns, adding, deleting and editing Zappy tasks based on feedback with no limitation on the number of steps it can automate.

Zappy Analytics is a revolutionary product which uses AI to discover all business processes in an organization. Zappy experts refine these processes and Zappy tasks are deployed to automate these processes resulting in the reduction of more than a third of the operations costs.





Zappy learns your actions by simply observing your behavior and you can create Zappy automation in less than one minute.