Business Process Automation (BPA) With Zappy




Business Process Automation means leveraging the power of technology to get the most out of the available resources. These automation’s automates repetitive time consuming tasks by using software technologies. Businesses can utilize the time saved in more creative work such as interacting with customers, planning new strategies for company progress, creating new product lines etc. Implementing automation for Business processes can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery and reduce costs.

According to study conducted by Redwood Software and Sapio Research, about 59% of business processes could be automated by 2022.

Automating your business processes helps to increase the efficiency of your business management. It also reduces the overall cost of running a company.

Some of the processes that businesses can easily automate include financial accounting, customer billing, inventory management, customer support etc.

BPA is based on three fundamental principles:




  • Orchestration: Allows organizations to build systems that provide centralized management of its enterprise computing architecture.
  • Integration: Amalgamates business functions by ensuring the BPA system is spread across the process-centric boundaries of an organization.
  • Automated execution: Executes multiple tasks with minimal human intervention


Benefits of Business Process Automation:

  • Better allocation of the workforce
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Cost Reduction


Till date BPA software’s such as Robotic Process Automation available in the market are implemented by only 9% of SMEs and 24% of large organizations. The main barrier of low adoption rate of RPA is due to the following factors:




But majority of these barriers can be removed by using Zappy which is an evolving AI technology whose applications are extremely powerful. When coupled with right process and right level of human intervention, it has the power to transform organisations.

Business Process Automation Use-Cases With Zappy:

In past there was no BPA software that was able to handle all types of processes that you would like to automate. So Businesses would have to invest a lot of time into researching and finding the right tool for required processes.

But Zappy is the software that can be used for automating almost all different types of business processes.

Few use cases of Zappy are given below:




  1. Data Entry Processes:

    Every organization has many departments including HR, marketing, finance, customer service, etc. In all of these departments there is a need to transfer data from PDF, CSV, Excel files into internal applications. And this is done manually as migrating data from such files into respective applications is not possible without technical knowledge, due to which they are not easily automated. But Zappy learns the user behavior and creates an automation for these kind of tasks. Below is an example video explaining how you can automate data entry processes in minutes:



  2. Data Gathering Processes:

    In today’s world we need to gather data from websites and add it in to internal applications and files frequently. If you are student, banker, accountant, lawyer, analyst or in any other profession you need to collect data from websites to perform analysis for the success of your business. With Zappy you can automate the data gather tasks in minutes. Below is an example video demonstrating how you can automate the data gathering process from London Stock Exchange (LSE) website:

    Zappy Web Automation is created to obtain a list of companies’ stock prices from London Stock Exchange (LSE) website.
  3. Data Extraction and Conversion Processes:

    Zappy enables user to extract data form almost any format, reducing the need for manually searching and enter the data. This feature can automate your invoicing, reporting and account entry processes. Using Zappy you can also convert documents from one format to another format. Employees always need data to be converted from PDF to Excel, Text or Word or vise versa. These conversion can be done in seconds using Zappy.

  4. Automatic Execution Of Processes Based on certain events (Triggers):

    Every business requires some tasks to be performed daily, weekly, periodically or based on some conditions in different departments to ensure that business is running smoothly. Preparing such reports and sending them is not only labor intensive but it also distracts employees from strategic work. Zappy can easily auto-generate reports, analyze their contents and based on the contents, it email them to relevant stakeholders.


The six key benefits that are delivered with Business Process Automation software’s such as Zappy are::

  • Improved quality — by cutting manual intervention of detailed, repetitive, processes and delivering error-free results.
  • Efficiency savings and increased productivity — by returning hours back to the business to be re-purposed on higher value initiatives.
  • Greater operational agility and flexibility — by accelerating processing times and throughput — while increasing capacity to manage spikes of high transaction volumes.
  • Improved customer service — by removing pain points, streamlining interactions and increasing response times.
  • Happy, motivated, staff — by liberating staff to work on more intellectually challenging, fulfilling work.
  • Greater value insights — by improved data analytics visibility that can be used to create business insights into processes for further enhancements.

By implementing Zappy your company you can enhance your organizational management, reduce cost and increase productivity resulting in transformation of your business.