By Processes

Zappy can transform businesses, streamline processes to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.

Accounts payable Automation

Zappy can replicate manual actions performed by accounts payable staff and generate an automated flow of data between employees, suppliers, and third parties supporting reporting, analytics, and decision-making.

Zappy provides benefits such as an increase in data quality, shorter cycle times, improved visibility of corporate data, and reduced costs.

Claims Processing Automation

Zappy takes in unstructured data in forms, extract structured data and process claims based on pre-defined rules.

The whole claim verification can be automated with a rule, Zappy cognitive capability can deal with various data formats to extract relevant data. The pre-defined rules can be changed with regulatory changes, without any need for training, immediately ensuring compliance.

Contact Center Automation

Zappy can synchronize several pieces of data across systems in a contact center. With the single click, Zappy completes all actions in milliseconds. This is a simple implementation that Zappy can learn within 5 minutes and create value quickly.

Furthermore, when Customer rep will fill the necessary data to resolve the issues and Zappy will use that data in several systems to complete the transaction automatically.

Finance and Accounting Automation

Zappy can extract data from bank statements for reconciling records, prepare daily P&L and reduce handling time from 50 minutes to 5 minutes, increasing speed and accuracy of reports.

Zappy can also assist auditors by retrieving related audit evidence, including the listings for current and prior year sales and the trial balance. Zappy can then calculate the total sales per the listing and compare it to the total per the trial balance. Assuming the amounts reconcile, Zappy can subsequently calculate whether the total revenue amount from the current and prior year listings is materially different, and generate an alert if the difference exceeds the materiality threshold.

Healthcare Payer Automation

To reduce errors in medical documentation, Zappy is beneficial for payers and providers. The core responsibility of a health plan or a payer is to finance healthcare and the way that it’s done is pretty manual between the payer and the provider.

Zappy can automate this workflow and the transfer of information within and in-and-out of a health plan with blazing fast speed and reduced error