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Zappy can transform businesses, streamline processes to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.



Desktop Automation

Zappy provides a minimalist UI to describe how to automate a process, and business users can use it in the same way they use a Visio diagram. The Zappy UI is intuitive and requires no coding skills, any of your employees can do it.

When working with the presentation layer of other apps, you simply perform the process and actions once. Zappy understands your behavior and the UI and does not rely on the position of elements on the screen. This makes Zappy automation much more reliable and independent of screen size and resolution. It is very easy to maintain Zappy automation and it can automatically adapt to the changes in the process.




Web Automation

Zappy can read and perform any web-based activities. It works with any website, no matter how complex, and can be remotely deployed on various machines in the network. Zappy is self-learning, intuitive and requires no coding skills, any of your employees can do it.

By automating web-based workflows with Zappy, you save time and money. More importantly, you ensure that accuracy requirements are always met




GUI Automation

GUI automation is the process of simulating mouse and keyboard actions on windows and controls. Most automation tools are based either on the coordinates of the controls or the text they contain, but this is not always reliable. Zappy understands the internals of all the major GUI frameworks, from Win32 to WPF, HTML, and Java.

It can recognize graphical objects by their platform-specific attributes and provides a unified automation that works the same way everywhere. In very particular scenarios, where object recognition is not available (such as with remote desktop apps or in Citrix environments), Zappy can still do it using proprietary Computer Vision technology




Screen Scraping

Zappy gives you a full-featured task editor that enables you to visually design an automation workflow with a drag-and-drop editor.

Hundreds of predefined automation blocks are available. Zappy learns your steps of a manual task, and during this learning, your actions on the screen are observed and translated into logical steps in a workflow.




Citrix Automation

With Zappy Citrix automation is possible due to its use of powerful computer vision engine that is optimized to find images on the screen in under 10 milliseconds.

Most importantly, despite the inherent difficulties of automating Citrix, Zappy can still learn your behavior on Citrix application in same amount of time as it takes with a regular desktop application.




Mainframe Automation

Without modifying the mainframe, Zappy can act as translators between the old and new platforms and applications. This can happen easily, over the cloud. You can leverage the existing mainframe and applications to quickly integrate with new systems and cloud-based services, orchestrating everything from a single interface.

Apps and processes are quickly mobilized, while Zappy manipulate the workflow with prompt results. They can monitor, analyze, correlate and respond to events in real-time and improve customer service.




SAP Automation

Data entry is a complex task to automate. Some of the things that your employees do very well, like scanning a form for relevant information and categorizing it intelligently, are actually very hard for software to replicate. However, your employees make errors that no software package would ever make. Zappy takes the best of both worlds and delivers a product that can be trained to intelligently scan forms, copy data, and replicate key presses while making none of the transcription errors or suffering from fatigue like many data entry workers.

In addition to streamlining the process, Zappy uses machine learning systems to ignore unimportant information on a website or SAP software, and only pays attention to the important items. That means, regardless of how complicated your SAP software appears to be, Zappy can effortlessly learn to perform the important aspects, such as which fields to fill out and what buttons to press





Excel Automation

With Zappy, manipulating Excel data becomes hassle and error-free. It saves valuable time and relieves your employees from boring, repetitive tasks and the unnecessary burden of having to learn extensive coding. Therefore, integration with other applications is done both smoothly and safely.

Zappy brings you countless automation possibilities, such as reading and writing data in excel, data migration, sorting data and deleting duplicate rows, Comparing columns, Integrating with other applications and databases, Retrieving and creating workbooks, Running analysis reports, Filling in forms with data from Excel spreadsheets as well as performing complex excel data manipulation calculations