Data Entry Automation




How to perform your Data Entry 30X times faster and manage all types of data accurately



Data Entry is tedious yet one of the most important tasks for the success of different businesses. Most Organizations prefer to outsource the Data Entry in order to save operational costs spent on payroll for the staff, infrastructure and technology etc. and time invested to create a perfect database. This allows them to utilize their manpower on data analysis, new ways to improve the business and also pursue activities for personal and professional development.

Whether it is the third-party company that is responsible for the outsourcing or the parent organization, the primary focus is to achieve the following:

  • Accurate entry of data: Consistent quality sets the benchmark. Data has to be error-free every single time.
  • Timely delivery: Monitoring the workflow is particularly difficult when you have to meet a strict deadline. This can cause missing entries when there is a large volume of data. Optimum utilization of time is required.
  • Ability to handle all types of data: Specific training or technology may be required to extract certain types of data and navigate it into required format. Data entry has to be customized based on requirement.

With emerging trends in digitization, smarter solutions like automation are sought after to manage Enterprise content with fewer resources.


Can we use Automation Software or Desktop Application for Data Entry?

The answer is Yes. Automation of data entry is to train your machine to organize, process and manipulate data like human.
The tool that we use to automate should:



Zappy is C-RPA based desktop application designed to replicate human action and perform repetitive tasks automatically. C-RPA stands for Cognitive Robotic Process Automation. Zappy uses C-RPA technology to learn human actions, interact or communicate and interface with other apps to perform repetitive tasks.


Zappy can be installed within few seconds. It runs in the background without interrupting the existing applications. Once installed, user can perform the repetitive action once with Zappy in Learning mode, save the task and execute it by specifying the number of iterations. Zappy then accomplishes the time-consuming mundane task within a minute. It is a fast, simple, error free and affordable way to manage data by at least 10X times more efficiency.


Zappy is quite versatile, some of the basic automation tasks performed by Zappy are listed below:

  • Pdf to Excel conversion
  • Pdf to Notepad conversion
  • Transferring data from Excel to any external Application
  • Web Automation
  • Email Automation

Here is the link for demo videos for actions listed above.

Currently, Zappy is offering Free Community Edition to all its users. Register with Zappy and take advantage of Community Edition to transform your business Try Zappy