Sample Videos

Web Automation

Extracting stock prices of a list of companies from London Stock Exchange (LSE) website

PDF Extraction

Extract PDF to Excel sheet

Form Automation

Transferring data from Excel to any external Application

Outlook Mail Send

Creating a outlook email trigger to send auto response to a particular sender.

File Change Trigger

Automation to receive notification whenever file will change

Folder Change Trigger

Automation of Folder Change Trigger using Zappy

Daily Time Trigger

Daily time trigger automation using Zappy.

Extract PDF Table

Extract tables from PDF to excel sheet using Zappy.

Merge PDF

Automation for merging multiple PDF documents to single PDF file, useful for Report generation.

Email Automation

Sending email to employee with their Monthly Performance Report using zappy.

Moving Files

Moving of file From source to destination

PDF To Excel Conversion

PDF To Excel Conversion Using ZAPPY

SAP Automation

Zappy Automation to create purchase order entries in SAP

Tally Automation

Extracting bank statements to Tally using Zappy.