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With a strong digitization wave and factors of globalization, demographics, climate change, geopolitical, and digital transformations making a crucial impact on the work landscape, many are left concerned about the impact on jobs.

The emerging trends in digitization have led to smarter solutions like automation that are sought after to manage Enterprise content with fewer resources.


Stated down in a Deloitte study “The future of work is shaped by two powerful forces: growing adoption of Artificial Intelligence and the expansion of the workforce to include on and off-balance sheet talent”.


There has been a lot of debates and discussions around what will be the future of work? Who would deny the fact that everybody awaits a new technology or a way to make their processes and things easier? Because of techniques like Machine Learning, Big Data, and AI there has been a myriad of innovations. The automation has entered the digital age, and further advances in digital technologies will only help in creating new opportunities.


In the last few years, we have witnessed spectacular demonstrations and progress with AI, autonomous systems, and robotics in a way that has been extraordinary.


There have been several scenarios and implications as to how the future of work will look like a few years down the line. Different combination of three core variables below are likely to influence the nature of work in the future:

  • Rate of technological change and its impact on business models
  • Evolution of learning amongst its current and future workforce
  • Magnitude of Talent mobility across Geographic’s

A mix of occupations is going to shift substantially. That means people are going to be transitioned from a certain occupation to a new occupation. For example, occupations involving a lot of data gathering, data processing, physical work are going to decline. Zappy AI based on process automation, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation is what we need in the future. In one click it ensures accurate entry of data, timely delivery and ability to handle different types of data. It not just reduces the manual work but optimize the processes.


A fair concern for people while doing mechanical or manual kind of work is how to choose the right automation help. Now the machines aren’t just doing the routine tasks but acting as a robot and doing completely different things making workflow flawless and efficient. So basically, what we call as machine learning — a set of techniques taking advantage of the neural networks. The presence of huge amounts of data availability has led to this breakthrough progress to make the algorithms work.


What Zappy Offers?

Zappy is versatile and can provide a simpler solution than the existing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in working with different data formats. It supports data extraction which means you can automatically extract desired fields from the invoice and save them into an Excel sheet.


The C-RPA based desktop application ‘Zappy’ empowers automation for everyone. It is designed to replicate human action and perform repetitive tasks automatically. C-RPA stands for Cognitive Robotic Process Automation is what enables Zappy to learn human actions, interact or communicate and interface with other apps to perform repetitive tasks.


AI Technologies like Zappy will continue to develop at an accelerated pace, keeping a window of opportunity for individuals, businesses to understand and transition to a new digital future. Workers would need different skills to thrive in the workplace of the future, companies should harness automation and AI to benefit from the enhanced performance and productivity.


There is work for everyone today and there will be work for everyone tomorrow, even in future of AI, machine learning and automation.We’re excited for the times ahead!


Our CEO Ambuj Agrawal speaking at Future Workplace Summit London.


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