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Zappy can transform businesses, streamline processes to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.




Over 20 years ago, outsourcing business processes hit a critical mass of acceptance. Organisations that successfully outsourced application maintenance work realized they could bring similar savings to business operations. The BPO business model rested on two basic pillars: on one side we have low-skill, repetitive, high volume work on the other side a large pool of low-cost, trainable workers..

Up until 2014, the business model remained stable, with some shifts to more up-market work and less developed countries beginning to compete for work. Now with Zappy, we revolutionize BPO industry by providing revolutionary machine learning technology that can drastically reduce the completion time for low-skill, repetitive, high volume work performed by the employees.





Finance & Banking

In their quest for digital transformation, banking organizations and other financial institutions have established themselves as the early adopters of smart technologies. But these organizations still need to strike a better balance between the front and the back office, while becoming faster and more reliable. Delivering more consistent services to the customer is paramount in the current digital economy.

With Zappy, we streamline operations, thus helping finance and banking companies differentiate. It provides process efficiency and lowers costs while ensuring regulatory compliance and deeper analytical insight. Implementation with Zappy can be as quick as one day (including training, installation and automation creation). The best part: it creates triple digit ROI’s in the first quarter of operations.





Most insurers today are facing one set of distinct challenges: How to create dynamic, high-growth business while managing risks and reducing costs? The enterprise applications within most insurance companies are 10 to 30 years old and they do not provide the functionality and capabilities required to meet the expectations of today’s customers.

With Zappy, insurance enterprise applications meet the demands of today’s customers with Zappy automating these legacy applications with its proprietary algorithms. This provides required efficiency and lowers costs while ensuring customer satisfaction. Implementation with Zappy can be as quick as an hour (including training, installation and automation creation). The best part: it creates triple-digit ROI’s in the first quarter of deployment.






As patient numbers grow, healthcare providers are challenged with managing levels of inventory, supporting digitization of patient files, optimizing appointment scheduling, and executing billing and claims processing

Zappy can alleviate these operational pain points and drive enhanced efficiency and growth. Healthcare industry can realize 36% automation with a 40% reduction in operational costs. This means more than a third of healthcare tasks—especially managerial, back-office functions—could be automated, allowing healthcare providers to offer more direct, value-based patient care at lower costs and increased efficiency.





As more and more people turn to telecommunications companies to keep them connected with diverse, global networks, these companies must compete with one another to provide the fastest, most affordable, and cutting-edge services. But, many telecom providers are burdened with rapid growth and large volumes of operational processes—managing data, controlling cost, increasing business agility, acquiring talent, and developing new services

This is where Zappy is uniquely positioned to help telecom companies meet and overcome these challenges. Zappy can help telecom companies manage large, unstructured datasets or increase their responsiveness to industry disruptions via streamlined operational Zappy tasks and it is the perfect match for the telecom industry as it continues to grow and develop on a global stage.






Manufacturers already implement physical industry robots to assemble, test, and package their products. Despite these robots being able to help streamline the assembly line, the manufacturing industry still struggles to maintain control over managing its back-office and operational processes.

Many manufacturing companies are turning to Zappy to attain improved agility and more streamlined operations across the value chain, resulting in up to a 35% cost savings across various touch points.




Public Sector

Similar to commercial organizations, the Public Sector faces issues that require immediate attention: from a high volume of work that blocks productivity, to employee shortage, from frequent regulatory and policy modifications to insufficient collaboratory tools to allow different departments to synchronize.

Zappy finds fertile ground and strong opportunities in the Public Sector, as it allows to prioritize human-centric services and declutter departments from redundant and time-consuming tasks. Zappy has a positive impact on cost reduction, productivity, accuracy, data analysis and decision-making.





Retail & CPG

The online sales in the US alone are expected to double by 2023, reaching approximately 20 to 25% of the overall retail sector, the landscape is facing numerous challenges that require a reorganization of business processes from top to bottom. Rising cost of production, an unreliable supply, slow market growth, tech-enabled shoppers, labor availability are all issues retailers have to face immediately.

Zappy has the ability to transform work and boost productivity, enhance customer experience and deliver accurate and reliable results in both attended and unattended processes. CPG executives agree: 43% of them already use automation to cut costs and increase efficiency.