Do you have Privacy Concerns with Zappy?


Zappy provides non-technical employees the ability to automate their manual business processes. Zappy automatically identifies and creates automation for repetitive processes thus reducing the deployment time for process automation to 1 minute.


If you do not wish to keep Zappy running in the background – you can disable it via right clicking the Zappy icon (from the taskbar) and clicking the stop button. Please note that Zappy does not collect any data onto central server and all learning and automation's are stored on the users machine locally.

Stop Zappy

Zappy uses chrome extension to automate web-based tasks. If you do not wish to use Zappy for web automation you can disable the Zappy Chrome Extension.

You can do this via clicking the zappy icon in chrome and selecting manage extension option



And then disabling it by clicking the toggle button (highlighted in red):





If you have any further privacy concerns please contact us at