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Tally Automation  — The end of mundane tasks



Automation is not new. The idea of applying innovative technology to simplify complex and redundant tasks has received wide acceptance yet there still are roadblocks in its implementation, especially for tally users. The challenge here is to find quick, easy and economical automation solution that can smartly adapt to a variety of business needs. The process should be effortless, flawless and efficient.

ZappyAI provides revolutionary product named Zappy that gives its user the ability to automate manual business process in a minute. Our advanced algorithms are based on combination of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement machine learning giving Zappy the ability to automate task by observing people at their work computers. Zappy is intelligent and can understand user’s intent and logic of the business process being carried out. So, even a non-technical employee can create his own automation.

Tally ERP software handles sales, accounting, inventory management, order management, tax management, payroll, banking and many such requirements of the business. Let’s consider use cases for the above and see how automation can help you.

Sales, Inventory & Purchase Management


Sale — Purchase cycle can be segregated into three steps.

First step is the placement of order — in the form of e-commerce website, via phone call, direct contact with sales person or through e-mail. Whatever may be the mode of order reception, all the invoices have to be manually entered to ensure smooth processing.

Second step is to actually fulfil the purchase or sale which involves — generating shipping labels, updating inventory, re-stocking of the product etc.

Third and most important part is the analysis through — creating sales reports, financial data management to ensure strategic improvements for surpassing sales targets.

The entire cycle requires hours of manual effort and data handling through different departments. As a result, accuracy is often compromised when there is large volume of data.


Accounting, Financial & Payables Management


Accounts payable process can be long and exhausting. From entering the vouchers, bank statements to entering the bills, payroll of the employees, everything is mundane and has to be done manually. Transferring of unstructured data (pdf, email attachments, fax etc.) to standard format has been unfeasible in the past.


Zappy Solution


Zappy is versatile and can provide simpler solution than the existing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in working with different data formats. It supports data extraction which means you can automatically extract desired fields from the invoice and save them into Excel sheet. On the other hand, Zappy can also export data from excel sheet to custom application or Tally and fill the required information to create shipping labels.

Zappy can create reports with order details, cost, delivery dates etc. that allows you to track performance at every stage. Finally, using Zappy inbuilt actions, Bank statements in PDF format can be transferred to excel. User has flexibility to create micro automations for each of these tasks or a macro one for the entire cycle so the employee doesn’t have to type manually. Automation allows optimization without human involvement.


In the following videos, you will learn how to extract desired text from PDF invoices and how to automatically perform Bank statement entry to Tally.


PDF Extraction


Bank statement to Tally video


Currently, Zappy is offering Free Community Edition to all its users. Register with Zappy and take advantage of Community Edition to transform your business @Try Zappy