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Zappy can transform businesses and streamline processes to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.

Zappy is a Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (C-RPA) software which automates repetitive tasks by observing user actions on the desktop and delivers increased productivity by more than 70% on manual processes in your organization. It continuously learns, adding, deleting and editing Zappy tasks based on feedback with no limitation on the number of steps it can automate. With Zappy user see their ROIs within six months of adoption.


  Everyone can Automate

Everyone can create an automation using Zappy. Zappy provides the quick and easy way for non-technical users to automate their mundane tasks.

Zappy uses proprietary AI algorithms to learn employee behaviour. User just have to do the process or an iteration of that process once and Zappy can learn and create automations for these processes in minutes.

  In Minutes

Repetitive Tasks Are Painful and Costs 5 Trillion Dollars in Lost Productivity annually.

It takes around 1 month to create a simple automation using traditional RPA solutions. Zappy uses AI and Machine Learning to identify, analyze and automte business process and lets you create an automation within minutes


  At Low Cost

With Zappy micro and macro cognitive automation, your organization can achieve more than 58% cost savings on manual business processes but more impressively a 78% cost savings in manual tasks of data gathering, data processing and data extraction processes.

Zappy is extremely cost effective and you can use Zappy to automate manual processes such as Billing Support, Order management, Invoice collection, Invoice matching, Account Reconciliation, Password Reset Services, Access Control and Payroll.





With Zappy: Create and Run Automation in minutes


Manage all your learned activities using Zappy. Its on the spot execution for learned activities, for modifying learned activities use our Zappy Task Editor.


Zappy Task Editor: Edit and Modify Learned Activities


Task editor is where you edit and enhance learned activities. Design is easy, using a code-free recording tool or drag-and-drop from a rich library of pre-built activities. Accelerate development with ready-made automation components available for standard processes.
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