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Zappy transforms streamline repetitive processes to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.

Zappy is a Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (C-RPA) software which automates repetitive tasks by observing user actions on the desktop and delivers increased productivity by more than 70% on manual processes in your organization. It continuously learns, adding, deleting and editing Zappy automation's based on feedback with no limitation on the number of steps it can automate. With Zappy users see their ROIs within six months of adoption.

With Zappy: Create and Run Automation in minutes

Manage all your learned activities using Zappy. You can immediately execute learned activities in minutes.

Zappy Task Editor: Edit and Modify Learned Activities

Task editor allows you to add advance logic for the learned Zappy activities. Modifying automation is easy, using a code-free drag-and-drop from a rich library of pre-built activities. Accelerate development with ready-made automation components available for standard processes.
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