The only automation software for today’s enterprise


Zappy can transform businesses and streamline processes to deliver operational efficiencies of over 30%.



Effortless Automation

Zappy provides the quick and easy way for non-technical users to automate their mundane tasks. Zappy learns your actions by simply observing your behavior and you can create Zappy automation in less than one minute.

Each employee spends more than 400 hours performing manual business processes such as writing standard emails, administrative tasks (such as filling up timesheet, filing expenses, onboarding tasks, etc) and business as usual tasks (such as account opening, client reporting, account entry across systems, etc). With Zappy you can automate these process and save more than 300 hours per employee




Cost Savings

With Zappy micro and macro cognitive automation, your organization can achieve more than 58% cost savings on manual business processes but more impressively a 78% cost savings in manual tasks of filling up forms, data upload, and data reconciliation.

For example, you can use Zappy to automate manual processes such as Billing Support, Order management, Invoice collection, Invoice matching, Account Reconciliation, Password Reset Services, Access Control, Payroll, etc.




Seamless Collaboration

Zappy simplifies collaboration by providing single-click task sharing functionality. For example, the client onboarding executive can create and share a task to onboard a new client. Another executive can import this shared task to his personal task library and execute it with a single click.




Zappy is a Cognitive - Robotic Process Automation (C-RPA) software

Zappy allows you to automate business processes in 1 minute.