ZAPPY Analytics

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Zappy Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence to discover, analyse & automate business process.



Process Mining

Zappy automatically discovers business processes and gives you the time spent and the true cost of these processes.

For example, in a financial service firm, Zappy discovered that for a Customer Service Agent (CSA) to process a request (such as updating customer details, accessing beneficiary details, or calculating lump sum payments) took on an average of 9 minutes. The total cost of this process was $1,800,000 annually (required 45 full-time employees to process these requests)




Process Analysis

Zappy experts refine these processes to deliver Operational Excellence (faster, better and cheaper business processes).

For example, for the above firm, Zappy experts discovered that the CSA had to use excel spreadsheets containing complex business rules and enter data between multiple applications to process a single customer query. They proposed a refined business process with Zappy tasks to automate inefficient data processing and switching between multiple systems which will reduce the average time for a single query to 3 minutes.




Process Optimisation

Zappy tasks are deployed to automate business process according to Zappy experts recommendation. For example, for the above firm, Zappy identified redundant actions and created an automated execution of customer services activities, reducing average execution times from over 9 minutes to just 3 minutes.

With 3x faster execution, CSA was able to offer improved customer interaction whilst reducing human error – a vital factor in a regulated financial services environment. They further achieved an estimated productivity improvement of circa £1,200,000 annually, and an ROI in less than one month.




Zappy Analytics uses artificial intelligence to discover and optimize all business processes

We guarantee a 30% reduction in operating costs with Zappy Analytics..