ZAPPY Automation

Zappy, the only automation software for today’s enterprise



What is ZAPPY?



Zappy is the world’s fastest automation software which observes user actions on desktop and creates automation within a minute. Our advanced algorithms are based on combination of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement machine learning giving Zappy the ability to automate task by observing people at their work computers. Zappy is intelligent and can understand user’s intent and logic of the business process being carried out. So, even a non-technical employee can create his/her own automation.





What are the Business Benefits of ZAPPY?

Zappy delivers direct profitability while improving accuracy across organizations and industries. Enabling Zappy to handle any processes will not only transform and streamline your organization’s workflow, but also allow for superior scalability and flexibility within the enterprise. Zappy is easy to learn, integrates seamlessly into any system, multiply or instantly deploy more and obtain tailored response to specific needs. It constantly reports the progress by using operational and business predictability, while improving strategically.


What can Zappy Do for You?


Zappy can automate any repetitive work performed by office employee.

Some of the automation tasks Zappy can perform include:

  • Customer intake and HR new recruit on-boarding

  • Document Management – Data analysing, migration, updating, cleansing and validation

  •  Report generation – Merging multiple documents

  • Mass email communication – Selected list and time triggered automation

  • CRM updation

  • Automated invoice processing – Data extraction

  • Payroll, expense, claims automation

  • Pull data from websites and identify key information