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AI to Discover, Analyze and Automate Processes

30 Times Faster than RPA

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Why Zappy?


Takes 1 Minute

Automates business process such as Account Opening, Client Reporting, Account Entry and many more in 1 minute.

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Costs 5 Dollars

Extremely affordable and efficient to automate micro and macro business processes..

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Share Instantly

Share automation with team members with our one-click task sharing functionality

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Why Zappy Analytics?


Process Mining

Processes as they occur in the real world (With Time and True Cost)

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Increase Efficiency

Save time and money.

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Zappy automates discovered processes.

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ZAPPY Automation

Opening a door to the future

ZAPPY Automation is basically making a software that is capable of doing things automatically — without human intervention. ... ZAPPY is all about trying to make machines or software mimic, and eventually supersede human behaviour and intelligence.

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