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ZAPPY Analytics

AI to Discover, Analyze and Automate Processes


What is ZAPPY?


Zappy is the Cognitive - Robotic Process Automation Software that provides office employees the ability to automate their manual business processes in minutes. Zappy learns user behaviour at work, identifies business processes and automatically creates automation for these processes. 




Why Zappy?


Everyone Can Automate

Even a non-technical user can automates business process such as Account Opening, Client Reporting and Data Entry with Zappy.

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In Minutes

With Zappy's Cognitive Intelligence automation is created automatically in minutes.

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At Low Cost

It costs significantly lower to automate business processes with Zappy.

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Why Zappy Analytics?


Process Analytics

Processes as they occur in the real world (With Time and True Cost).

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Process Mining

Analyses data learned by Zappy to generate process flow showing each step of the journey to complete that process.

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Process Automation

Automatically generates automation's to be deployed using Zappy.

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