Automate Manual Repetitive Work In Minutes


AI based Process Automation



Create Automation in Minutes


Zappy learns manual processes and creates automation's with the help of machine learning without the need for configuration and coding. Users can automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, data extraction, data gathering, generating reports and many more in minutes with Zappy.








Automate business processes such as Data Entry, Data Extraction and Data Gathering with Zappy.

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In Minutes

With Zappy's Cognitive Intelligence automation is created automatically in minutes.

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At Low Cost

It costs significantly lower to automate business processes with Zappy. It learns automation so that you don't have to code it.

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Zappy Analytics



Process Analysis

Generates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure efficiency and productivity of the team.

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Process Discovery

Analyses data learned by Zappy to generate process flow showing each step of the journey to complete that process.

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Process Automation

Automatically generates automation's to be deployed using Zappy.

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Client Testimonials

Take a look below to learn what our clients are saying about us:


"I am a chartered accountant using "Zappy" to automate bank statement data entry in Tally ERP system. The automation was created in minutes for my different client files and the automation works at blazing fast speed. Thousands of bank entries were entered into Tally in few minutes saving us days of manual work."

Sanjay Goyal, CA


"Zappy has allowed us to automate SAP ERP system for creating purchase order, capturing errors and automatically creating work tickets. Zappy's customer support has been exceptional and they have allowed us to automate manual processes involving data entry, data gathering and data extraction tasks."

Technology Manager, Tata


"I'm a lawyer in private practice, actively using RPA in my office. I've been using Zappy for several months. Zappy's Task Editor interface is intuitive, and comprehensive without being overwhelming. Microsoft Office automation has been easy and painless in Zappy. Although Zappy has the web-scraping tools one expects of an RPA platform, it's also easy to incorporate Python scripts, so if I want to I can use Selenium and BeautifulSoup right from Zappy."

Winter Laite, Attorney


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