Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Zappy? How does it work?

Zappy is a desktop application designed to automate and perform repetitive manual tasks with high speed and accuracy.

Zappy observes user actions and mimics them without human intervention. User can create an automated action by simply clicking “Start Learning” and “Stop Learning” using Zappy, while manually performing the repetitive task for the first time. Zappy then automatically executes user-defined number of iterations of the specific action.
Q: Will I be able to use Zappy without Computer Programming Experience?

Yes. Using Zappy does not require any Software Programming Experience. Once installed, user will be able to automate and perform mundane tasks within few clicks of a button.
Q: Is my Company’s data secure after I install Zappy?

Zappy is installed in the user computer and Zappy is not connected to a server and all the data stays on the user’s machine and is protected by AES encryption. For further details please see privacy concern post.

Q: Does the user have authority to choose whether Zappy can record and delete certain information?

Zappy Task Editor user can add, delete or modify the recorded automated actions. For more information, check the documentation page.


Q: My Chrome Automation's are not working properly?

Please make sure that Zappy extension on the Chrome browser is enabled. To get Zappy chrome extension, download if from the link below:

Q: Can Zappy Automate all processes and/or replace human?

In theory Zappy can automate all the processes. However, certain processes are complex and require customization. We can help you with advanced automation's - contact us at

Q: Will I be able to restrict my employee from automating certain process using Zappy?

Yes, available with Zappy Enterprise Edition which offers customization based on company's requirements. Zappy Free Edition does not have this feature.
Q: Does Zappy notify if it encounters missing or incorrect data while performing automation?

Depending on application, certain data checks are in place that throws an error for incorrect data, application changes or blank fields.
Q: Are User IDs and Passwords saved by Zappy?

Unless it is a part of the automation task recorded by the user, having Zappy run in the background itself does not store User IDs or Passwords.
Q: If I open an external site while Zappy is learning, does it store the details?

Yes. Every action performed by user when Zappy is in learning mode will be stored.
Q: What is the difference between Zappy Free and Enterprise Edition?

Zappy Free Edition is for individual users, small businesses. This includes Zappy and the product must be activated online. Updates are performed automatically. Support is available through Zappy Community Forum.

Zappy Enterprise Edition is recommended for large businesses. This includes Zappy and Zappy Analytics along with specific customization's. Product can be activated online or offline. Updates are implemented by the Enterprise. Full support is provided by Zappy via phone, email, tickets and Zappy implementation partners. Training is provided online or onsite.
Q: Can we upgrade from Community to Enterprise Edition?

Yes, please contact us for further information.

Q: What are System requirements to install Zappy?
Operating System
Windows 7 update KB 2533623 (required by OCR Activities)
Windows 7 N
Windows 7 SP1 Update for Universal C Runtime
Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 N
Windows 10
Windows 10 N
Windows Server 2008 R2 update KB 963697, KB 2999226, and the Desktop Experience feature
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016 and later
Additional Software
.NET Framework -> minimum: 4.6.1
For Web automation: Chrome Browser (version 65 and above)
For Office Automation: Microsoft Office version 2010 and above

Zappy works on all hardware supporting windows operating system and usually takes less than 100 MB RAM and 5% CPU.